Keeping You Out of Hot Water

In simple terms, compliance means to make sure your company’s financial matters are being handled according to laws and regulations. Solid accounting methods and financial reporting is key to creating a solid base for your company and reducing your risk.

Types of Compliance & Tax Services:

Year-End Reporting
Year-end can be a stressful time. To keep your business on track we organize, prepare, and submit your year-end to Canada Revenue Agency.

Tax Filing
The Givens team monitors your tax filing requirements to keep you stress-free and on-time. We stay on top of any new requirements to make sure you’re informed and ready.

Taxation Audits
We guide your audit committee through the process, making sure all your compliance needs are addressed. Providing expert advice throughout the process helps minimize disruptions to your daily business.

Tax Planning
Corporate or personal, we take a long, hard look at your financial situation to help you pay as much tax as you need to but no more. Our team gets to know your business to optimize corporate structure or minimize tax liabilities.

Trusts and Estate Planning
Setting up trusts or estate planning can seem daunting. Our advisors allow you to rest assured your affairs will be set up exactly the way you want them to be.

We can handle your sales tax remittance whether you do business in Alberta, or anywhere in Canada.