Get the Practical Experience You Need to be a CPA

Choosing to complete a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation is a hefty, yet rewarding commitment. As a current or prospective CPA student, you are likely looking for a firm that can truly support your needs as you work through the modules. We offer real-time advice and assistance, a breadth of experience, and both partner and manager support in learning throughout.

Givens LLP is a pre-approved training office and because of our full-service approach to clients you get the “small firm” feel by working collaboratively on files from start to finish. This gives you the grassroots ingenuity you need to solve tough client problems and prepares you properly for your exams.

Each student is paired specifically with a mentor who will monitor and support you as well as a supervisor. The team atmosphere at Givens LLP means you not only have your mentor to turn to, but an open-door policy allows you to draw upon the experience of the entire office.

What You Receive:

  • Diverse working environment to prepare you for CPA designation
  • Guidance, instruction, and supervision on practical ethical issues
  • On-the-job training
  • Progress reviews
  • Structured training that provides progressively complex assignments and increasing responsibility so you can obtain the required practical experience within 30 months of employment
  • Support in documenting competencies in the online reporting tool
  • A supervisor and a mentor
  • Paid time away from the office for study and exam days