Solid Talent Apply Here

Givens LLP is always looking for the right staff to fit our culture. Our team is made up of hands-on, hard workers that believe in a fun work environment and grassroots ingenuity. Each employee knows they have a major contribution to the firm’s success.

A Firm Family

As a firm member, you will enjoy job flexibility, a good-humoured team environment, a supportive coaching culture from management and partners, and a genuine interest in progressing your future. Regardless of which location you work at, each one provides serious work ethic with a side of light-heartedness and personality. We want fun, flexible personalities to join the Givens team. All accountants are smart but can you manage a relationship or flourish socially? Can you help a crying client in crisis? We want people who can rock the book smarts but aren’t afraid of going head first into some of the biggest challenges people face in their lives.