Alaeshia Campbell, CPA

Senior Accountant

Personable, approachable and determined, with a remarkable eye for detail and the incessant need to cross items off of her many lists, Alaeshia Campbell carries the honoured distinction as internal and client resource for all questions accounting-related. With four years of experience as an assurance and auditing specialist, and a lifetime of patience earned from 11 siblings, Alaeshia is outstanding in her position as day-to-day staff support and trainer.

In addition to a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Accounting major from MacEwan University, and a Chartered Professional Accounting Designation from CPA Alberta, Alaeshia holds the determination to master the guitar, and sees each new client challenge as a valuable learning opportunity.

Recognizing that a commitment to the building of long-term relationships is a cultural trait celebrated by all at Givens LLP, Alaeshia experiences greatest fulfilment when discovering the common ground upon which to bond with the people in her care. It is this passion for strategic planning and acts of good will that drove her as a MacEwan Ambassador, and continues to call her to volunteer as a Sunday school teacher. Whether at work or at play as an amateur boxer, it’s very clear that having Alaeshia in your corner will always guarantee a win.